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CAMO FilmPRO X Comtek

CAMO FilmPRO X Comtek

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FilmPro X Comtek Includes: FilmPro X high quality walkie talkie surveillance headset, 3.5mm aux cable for Radio & Comtek, and a FREE travel case. Now in Camouflage! 

Never again be stranded on a film set with a broken surveillance headset! Lifetime Warranty.

Kevlar Reinforced Cable Assembly, Water Resistant Mic, Medical Grade (Hypoallergenic) Silica. Motorola 2-pin (M1) Compatible Connector w/ Acoustic Tube & Interchangeable Earplug. FACTORY TESTED FOR DURABILITY: Wires and buttons are made to take on over 100,000 clicks.

The FILMPRO X includes: our high quality FILMPRO walkie talkie surveillance headset, a 3.5mm AUX cable for radio & Comtek or IFB monitor, and a FREE travel case! On Set Headsets make high quality walkie talkie surveillance headsets made for film crews that will withstand any environment the sfx department throws at them! Immediately you will notice the difference in our military grade specs and solid internal components that won't leave you ill-equipped on a film set. There's nothing worse than realizing at a 4am call that your cheap headset no longer works and you have to scramble to get a new one. Our FilmPro is built to withstand: Cold weather down to -14 degrees; Rain towers; Fog machines; Explosions; Desert, snow, humid, wet, and dry climates. Crisp and clear sound & intelligibility. Professional, discrete, and comfortable. FACTORY TESTED FOR DURABILITY: Wires and buttons are made to take on over 100,000 clicks. FILMPRO DESCRIPTION: MILITARY GRADE SPECS: - Kevlar reinforced cable assembly - H2O resistant mic - Medical grade (hypoallergenic) silica * Lifetime Warranty - Motorola 2-pin (M1) compatible connector - Quick disconnection Acoustic tube - Interchangeable earplug w/ Ear Tip - Clear Sound Quality - Professional, discrete, and comfortable.


    • FILMPRO X Headset

    • 3.5mm AUX cable Comtek or IFB monitor

    • A complimentary travel case


    1. Your radio

    1. An external audio source…at the same time!

The brand new FILMPRO X provides you with the perfect tool to organize and protect your headset investment while giving you an extra 3.5mm AUX cord for radio and Comtek or IFB monitor.

*Lifetime Warranty

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